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    Julia Rutherford Silvers, CSEP

    Certified Special Events Professional

    Event Management Authority

    Like angels and elephants dancing on the head of a pin, our dreams and responsibilities may have no limits, but must be balanced according to the music of the moment.











    Risk Management for Meetings and Events, a critical addition to the Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann Events Management Series, examines the practices, procedures, and safeguards associated with the identification, analysis, response planning, and control of the risks surrounding events of all types. An important tool that comprehensively discusses effective strategies for managing the risks associated with design, planning and production of public and private events. Professional Event Coordination, Second Edition is a cornerstone of the Wiley Event Management Series, featuring a comprehensive guide to essential competencies for event coordinators. A versatile tool that is effective for all types of events and valuable for every professional who works events, including event managers, caterers, event planners, fund raisers, and hotel and food and beverage managers.

    "In a complex industry where many believe that the work performed by meeting professionals is 'not brain surgery', Julia Silvers comprehends the issues that will keep people safe and secure and is able to convey methods by which industry professionals can prepare for contingencies. This book provides anyone - meeting planner, facility or vendor staff, volunteer - involved in meeting and event management with an understanding of why and how to keep people and property safe at events. A must read."

    Joan L. Eisenstodt

    Eisenstodt Associates, LLC

    "The most comprehensive book on Risk management related to meetings and events. A must read, even for experienced professionals."

    Harith Wickrema

    Adjunct Professor, Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality President, Harith productions Ltd 

    "I have made Professional Event Coordination the set text for my undergraduate and post-graduate topics. Having read literally hundreds of event texts in my roles as event designer and manager and lecturer, it was rewarding to finally find one that I can confidently give to my students, that I didn't have to write copious notes and corrections in, and which spent almost as much time talking about the design of events as it did the logistics / operational side of events."

    Steve Brown PhD, BA (Hons), Dip. Ed.

    Head of Tourism and Lecturer, Festival and Event Management

    Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

    "I was half expecting [your book] to tell me a lot of things I already knew — in reality, every page has been full of insight and practical advice that I have found extremely useful."

    David Agrawal

    Percept Productions (UK)


    Awarded the 2004 ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution, the EMBOK Project is an international endeavor to provide a knowledge framework and descriptive summary of the scope and processes that are used in the management of events, and serves as an educational resource for current and future event management professionals.

    Dr. Stuart Mann, Dean of the Harrah College of Hotel Administration at UNLV, presents the 2005 Best Paper Award to Julia Rutherford Silvers, CSEP for her paper on the EMBOK as a Risk Management Framework.

    "There are so many otherwise intelligent professionals who simply cannot understand the complexities of event production. Your very businesslike approach to defining our work and spelling out the complexities will be a great tool for me not only as I plan events, but as I try to educate the executives I report to."

    Nancy Evans, Corporate Event Planner

    "My supervisor was thrilled with the EMBOK concepts you provided and there is no doubt it will be utilized as we ready to open a 180-acre visitor attraction."

    Jodi Molever, Special Events Director, Las Vegas Springs Preserve

    "I have found the EMBOK system very useful when arranging the information for an event management guide I am developing for community events and festivals in Tasmania."

    Iain Lang, Regional Events Consultant, Tasmania's South Regional Tourism Association

    Click here to view a PowerPoint that explains the International EMBOK Model


    A four-time recipient of the ISES Esprit Award for Best Industry Contribution for her educational programs, Julia's practical approach to event management has been adopted by educational institutions and industry organizations around the globe. She designed and developed instructional materials for numerous academic and professional development programs serving adult learners throughout the world, and has served as adjunct faculty for UNLV and UNLV Singapore Ltd. teaching Risk Management for Meetings and Events and Meeting and Event Coordination.

    • Tourism Learnership Project Event Management Training Program 

    • The George Washington University Event Management Certificate Program

    • CSEP Exam Prep Series, CSEP Study Course, and CSEP Exam Preparation Self-Study Guide 

    • The International School of Hospitality

      "I welcome the opportunity to tell thousands of future readers, audience members, students and clients about the rare combination of talent, dedication, intellect, and creativity you bring to projects. The George Washington University is most grateful for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of our students and the industry of event management."

      Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP

      Founding Director, The George Washington University Event Management Certificate Program


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