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Treasurer Job Description

14 August 2010


The following job description for an Arts and Crafts Fair Treasurer* provides an accurate overview of responsibilities and obligations that a prospective Treasurer (often a volunteer) could expect. As you can see, this provides a checklist suitable for practical implementation as well as performance assessment.


* Please note that this is for illustration purposes only. The items included herein are for a 501(c)3 organization in one particular state in the U.S., and therefore may not be applicable in another context or jurisdiction.



   Ensure all financial recording and reporting completed as per by-laws and state and federal regulations

   Ensure accurate and responsible budgets are prepared and followed

   Ensure complete and accurate score tabulation procedures in place at Jurying

   Ensure cash flow and accounting procedures in place at Jurying and Fairtime



   Outline Objectives

   Define scope and targets for each area

   Assign personnel responsible for each item

   Define schedule deadlines for each item

   Define resources needed for each item



   Assist Fair Manager and Fair President in the preparation of the annual operating budget

   Prepare annual financial statement

   Prepare accounting to State Fairgrounds for attendance percentage figures

   Prepare Form 990 Tax Return

   Sign checks

   Reconcile bank statements

   Post general ledger

   Post payroll records

   Pay payroll taxes; 940, 941, CRS-1, Human Services

   Prepare Actual to Budget reports as requested

   Prepare Treasurer’s Report for monthly Board of Directors meeting

   CRS-1 Reporting

q       Monthly Payroll

q       Quarterly 941

q       Quarterly Human Services

q       6 month CRS-1

q       Annual 940

q       Annual W-2’s

q       Annual W-3’s

q       Annual State reconciliation



Cash Management

   Cash boxes

q       6 for Entry fees

q       Petty Cash

q       T-shirt Sales

q       Poster Sales

   Arrange for cash bank for start-up

   Arrange for collection and deposit of cash and checks

   Prepare accounting report for Entry Fees, T-shirt and Poster Sales


Score Tabulation

   Arrange for tabulation equipment: computers and printers

   Arrange for staffing for computer data entry

   Coordinate computer data entry and scoring of entries by Jury and by Category

   Sort entries in accordance with requirements from Standards Director




   Cash boxes:

q       5 to 6 Gate Windows

q       Drawing Booth

q       Sales Booth

q       Fine Arts Gallery (Poster sales)

q       Coffee Wagon

q       Petty Cash

   Computers and printers

   Adding Machines

   Cash Drawers

   Cash straps and coin rolls

   Paper, pens, pencils

   Tables, Chairs (Operations Director)

   Golf Cart (Operations Director)



   Obtain locking bank bags

   Coordinate ordering and delivery of Certified Tickets

q       By Day

q       Paid

q       Under 12

   Arrange for armored car service

   Coordinate Security (Operations Director)



   Set up and take down Treasurer’s Office

   Staff at least three persons per shift

   Have drawers counted and ready by opening (tickets and cash)

   Sort, bundle, roll cash and coin

   Prepare deposit slips for armored car pick-up

   Computer scoring for Merit Awards

   Issue payments:

q       Musicians

q       Merit and Purchase Awards

q       Booth Awards


q       Attendance: tickets by window, by shift, receipts by shift, etc.

q       Sales: Posters, T-shirts, Drawing Booth, etc.

   Be available throughout Fair hours; 1 hour prior – 1 hour past closing

   Be available for ticket shortages and cash pick-up




3 days X 6 hrs. X 2 people

36 hrs.


Preview Night: 2 people X 4 hrs.

8 hrs.


Fair: 3 days X 15 hrs. X 3 people

135 hrs.

Board Meetings

2 hrs. X 12 mos.

24 hrs.

Other Meetings


22 hrs.

Accounting, Tax Prep, GL’s, etc.

75 hrs.

Estimated Time – Treasurer and Staff

300 hrs.


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