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Security Management

27 November 2013

The sourcing, selection, and deployment of the personnel and equipment to be used to provide protective services and support for the event project, and the implementation and supervision of the appropriate command and control systems to ensure its efficacy.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Needs Assessment

Examine event attributes and activities to determine potential threats and vulnerabilities

Identify contractual or mandatory levels of security and licensing requirements

Specify critical administrative and operational systems requiring protection

Determine the necessary scope, levels, and types of security

Security Personnel

Recognize the nature and variable capabilities of types of security personnel

Specify the roles, responsibilities, and authority assigned to security personnel

Specify the schedules and deployment for security personnel

Procure security services using an RFP specifying selection criteria

Security Equipment

Identify suitable technology to provide or augment surveillance capabilities

Incorporate suitable equipment to prevent access to areas or property

Determine and implement detection systems

Ensure adequate lighting to deter and detect prohibited behavior


Conduct inspections of the event site and equipment

Specify procedures for issuing and implementing access controls

Establish incident response procedures for security and other personnel

Determine and implement incident reporting procedures


Establish an appropriate command structure with security service providers

Create a centralized command center for security operations

Acquire the appropriate communications equipment for security operations

Develop and implement an effective communications network and protocols



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