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Legal Management

27 November 2013

The negotiation and execution of the contracts and other legal documents associated with the acquisitions and endeavors of the event project, and oversight of the lawful design and implementation of the policies, procedures, and practices of the event organization and its representatives.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Legal Commitment Recognition

Recognize scope and types of legal documents applicable to events

Recognize the dimensions of a legally binding agreement

Determine legal obligations, liabilities, and pertinent legal documents

Identify and retain competent legal counsel as appropriate

Contract Identification

Examine the scope of the products and services to be procured

Identify and analyze the contractual documents to be issued by the event

Determine the scope and types of contracts to be entered into

Recognize the contract clauses pertinent to contractual agreements

Contract Negotiation and Execution

Specify the agreed upon obligations, terms, and remedies in writing

Conduct proper due diligence to determine the efficacy of contractual offers

Prepare and review contracts with legal counsel as appropriate

Have contracts finalized by the appropriate personnel

Contract Supervision

Monitor the adherence to contractual specifications and obligations

Monitor, enforce, and adhere to contractual terms and conditions

Ensure all changes in contractual specifications are reduced to writing

Oversee contract closure

Lawful and Ethical Operations

Ensure event has the proper licenses and approvals required to operate legally

Make certain the event organization operates responsibly

Establish policies and procedures comply with all applicable laws

Develop and enforce policies that specify ethical practices and behaviors




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