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Health & Safety Management

27 November 2013

The establishment and implementation of fire and life safety, occupational safety, and crowd control policies and procedures that ensure the health and welfare of all individuals involved in or in attendance at the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Fire and Life Safety

Ensure fire safety capabilities of the venue or site comply with applicable fire codes

Confirm the venue or site and its contents are in compliance with life safety codes

Prepare accurate site or floor plans for approval by the fire authority as appropriate

Require fire and life safety compliance by vendors, exhibitors, and other participants

Occupational Health and Safety

Identify and comply with OHS regulations and legislation

Identify and assess the occupational hazards associated with the event

Ensure the proper machinery, equipment, and training provided to event workers

Conduct timely and accurate briefings on safety and legal requirements

Public Health and Welfare

Ensure a sanitary environment is provided at the event site

Confirm that hygienic practices and procedures are followed

Provide suitable public amenities and services for attendees

Identify special populations and provide services to accommodate their needs

Crowd Control

Deter crowd control problems with adequate admittance controls and procedures

Monitor crowds to detect critical densities or urgent situations

Provide adequate surveillance equipment, vantage points, and personnel

Respond to hazardous crowd conditions or behavior as appropriate

Culture of Safety

Establish policies, rules, and regulations that promote safe behaviors

Conduct on-site safety meetings with all personnel and providers

Give explicit permission and procedures to report unsafe conditions or behaviors

Incorporate safety awareness information and advisories as appropriate



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