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Emergency Management

27 November 2013

The identification and notification of the proper authorities, medical services, and other emergency responders, and the acquisition and/or development of plans and procedures suitable for responding properly to incidents, evacuations, crises, or disasters that may occur during the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Preparedness Assessment

Assess potential biological, geological, meteorological threats or vulnerabilities

Assess potential accidental or intentional threats or vulnerabilities

Determine the resources available to respond to an emergency

Liaise with the proper authorities to determine the proper procedures


Specify protocols and procedures for declaring an evacuation

Establish the audience notification and communication methods

Ensure suitable and well marked exit route configuration and condition

Establish evacuation procedures

Medical Emergencies

Determine the scope and nature of emergency response medical services

Specify the level of medical service that will be provided on-site

Determine appropriate medical response access, egress, and positioning

Establish medical incident procedures

Emergency Response

Identify emergency responders

Specify roles, responsibilities, and authority

Establish and implement notification procedures for responders

Determine communication procedures

Emergency Action Plan

Devise and document an event-specific emergency action plan

Determine and implement appropriate monitoring systems

Specify the internal and external response providers and protocols

Establish and implement contingency plans as appropriate



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