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Compliance Management

27 November 2013

The acquisition of the necessary permissions and instruments that demonstrate adherence to all accessibility mandates, property rights requirements, and other applicable statutes, codes, and regulations to signify the event project is in compliance.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Assess Legal and Regulatory Obligations

Recognize the range of legal and regulatory issues surrounding events

Examine event plans to determine scope and nature of obligations

Identify and analyze obligations applicable to the event

Obtain specialist advice or assistance as needed

Determine Authorities and Authorizations

Identify applicable authorities, agencies, or governing bodies

Determine the acquisition process and procedures

Consult and cooperate with regulatory authorities

Establish specifications and procedures for event-issued authorizations

Protect Individual Rights

Identify and comply with accessibility legislation

Identify and comply with health, safety and employment legislation

Identify and comply with anti-discrimination legislation

Identify and comply with consumer protection and antitrust legislation

Identify and comply with privacy and confidential information legislation

Protect Property Rights

Identify and comply with intellectual property rights legislation

Establish protections for the event’s intellectual property rights

Identify and comply with licensing obligations regulations

Identify and comply with public and private property usage regulations

Acquire Compliance Documentation

Identify compliance instruments required for the event

Prepare for and follow acquisition procedures for compliance instruments

Develop and implement acquisition procedures for event-issued instruments

Monitor acquisition, preparation, display, and retention of required documentation



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