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Technical Management

27 November 2013

The acquisition of the necessary and appropriate staging and equipment, and supervision of its installation, operation, and attendant technician personnel, to ensure realization of the production plans of the event project within the physical constraints of the event site.


Major Functions

Performance Elements


Examine program elements and providers to determine staging needs

Examine program elements and providers to determine equipment needs

Specify spatial, temporal, and infrastructural requirements and restrictions

Identify and procure permits or required approvals


Stipulate responsibility for staging and equipment acquisition and delivery

Develop specifications detailing precise requirements

Use proper product and service terminology to prevent miscommunication

Source, negotiate, and procure staging and equipment


Determine placement and implement installation logistics

Make certain placement and installation does not create any hazards

Ensure proper installation equipment, machinery, and tools are used

Utilize skilled installation personnel as appropriate


Ensure power and floor loads are properly distributed and augmented

Monitor and maintain the safety and integrity of staging and equipment

Liaison with appropriate technical personnel during program implementation


Clarify roles, responsibilities, restrictions, and timelines

Specify location from which technicians will operate

Provide sufficient time and access for rehearsals and equipment checks

Establish effective communication methods between appropriate personnel



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