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Site Management

27 November 2013

The sourcing, inspection, selection, and contracting of locations and facilities that will serve the needs of the event project, plus ensuring the proper development and layout of the site wherein the event project takes place.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Site Specifications

Review event nature, scope, complexity, and fiscal requirements

Determine the geographic location and type of facility for the event

Define spatial, proximity, housing, and accessibility requirements

Specify the dates and durations of site occupancy

Site Sourcing & Inspection

Create an RFP with a complete description of all requirements

Research potential sites using a variety of methods

Contact and/or issue an RFP to potential venues or properties

Conduct site inspection to investigate, evaluate, and/or verify viability

Site Selection

Specify site selection authority and approval requirements

Establish and prioritize selection criteria

Evaluate potential sites according to established criteria

Negotiate and execute facility contracts

Site Layout

Develop a site plan for the event

Establish space assignments and set-up configurations

Confirm site layout is safe, legible, and accessible

Prepare accurate scale diagrams of site layout plan

Site Occupancy

Oversee move-in, set-up, maintenance, take-down, and move-out at site

Liaise with facility management and site specific personnel as appropriate

Monitor and control housing and facility usage using timely reports

Define and implement site close-out requirements



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