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Infrastructure Management

27 November 2013

The confirmation, acquisition, or enhancement of inherent or imported equipment and services to ensure sufficient transportation systems, parking facilities, utilities, sanitation and waste management, and emergency response services are in place to meet the functional needs of the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Transport Systems

Assess travel needs and develop transportation strategy

Ascertain ground transport requirements and existing capacity

Identify and acquire appropriate travel and transport services

Determine traffic patterns and develop appropriate schedules


Identify parking demand and types of vehicles to be accommodated

Determine needs and procure appropriate parking areas

Establish appropriate stakeholder parking areas

Select appropriate parking services and access controls


Assess demand needs and obtain necessary electrical power

Identify needs and secure suitable water supplies and services

Evaluate and coordinate provision of gas and HVAC systems

Determine and acquire sufficient telecommunications technology

Ensure safety, technical, legal, and regulatory requirements are met

Sanitation & Waste Management

Verify suitable sewer systems are in place for the event

Confirm sufficient facilities are available to meet sanitation needs

Develop and implement a waste removal plan

Devise and coordinate janitorial and maintenance systems

Support Systems & Services

Identify and acquire appropriate on-site medical and ancillary services

Determine and coordinate appropriate shipping services and procedures

Specify providers for temporary facilities, structures, and services



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