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Communications Management

27 November 2013

The acquisition of the necessary equipment and development and implementation of the modes and protocols for on-site briefing and debriefing activities and information exchange with internal and external constituents of the event project, including the preparation and incorporation of applicable documentation and contact information into a comprehensive and readily accessible format.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Communications Framework

Identify internal and external constituents and information needs

Create a flowchart of communication responsibilities

Recognize and incorporate the nature of information exchange

Establish a network of communication channels

Communications Equipment

Determine and acquire appropriate technology

Specify equipment responsibilities and procedures

Identify internal and external personnel and radio frequencies

Integrate event technology and tactics into communications plan

Communications Procedures

Specify written, aural, visual, and electronic techniques

Coordinate briefing and debriefing meetings

Ensure efficient on-site connectivity and radio protocols

Create communications plan and team for emergency situations


Determine the types of messages to be communicated

Establish content and style of messages to be communicated

Ascertain and ensure the system capacity

Specify timing of messages for effective information exchange


Ensure verification documentation is accessible on-site

Create comprehensive contact lists

Develop and implement communications training for personnel



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