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Attendee Management

27 November 2013

The development and/or procurement of suitable admittance credentialing and control systems such as registration, ticketing, and housing, as well as the tactics for facilitating proper movement and pedestrian traffic flow of the event crowds.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Admissions Strategy

Determine scope and characteristics of attendees

Ascertain admission and access control requirements

Specify admittance credentials to be used

Identify and select suitable admission technology

Admission Systems

Establish registration procedures and requirements

Determine ticketing system and requirements

Specify seating systems and support services required

Develop suitable service delivery points

Housing Systems

Identify and analyze housing needs and options

Negotiate and contract room blocks and rates

Determine and communicate reservation process

Monitor room pick-up and attrition specifications

Crowd Movement

Determine probable arrival and departure

Devise appropriate entrances and exits

Conduct queue management

Develop strategies for movement within the event site

Crowd Management

Establish and communicate policies and expectations

Provide adequate and apparent space, facilities, and services

Establish suitable monitoring systems and personnel

Determine and employ suitable response systems



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