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Sponsorship Management

27 November 2013

The identification, solicitation, securing, servicing and retention of sponsors, donors and philanthropic patrons through the proper valuation and delivery of suitable tangible and intangible benefits to provide financial and cost avoidance support for the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Business Plan

Determine suitability of commercial sponsorship and support

Identify revenue and cost-avoidance objectives

Develop a menu of sponsorship packages

Specify conflict of interest criteria

Target Definition

Identify natural sponsor affinity offerings

Conduct research to identify potential sponsors

Understand sponsor and donor objectives and criteria

Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary targets

Benefits Packaging

Identify and quantify the value of the event

Identify the tangible benefits the event has to offer

Identify benefits that add value to the investment

Package benefits according to investment level and goals

Sponsor Solicitation

Identify appropriate point of contact and timing

Prepare customized proposals

Provide quality collateral materials

Illustrate integrated marketing plan opportunities

Contract Fulfillment

Understand sponsorship agreement legalities

Document exposure and benefits delivery

Determine sponsor retention strategies

Monitor and control unauthorized marketing activities



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