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Sales Management

27 November 2013

The establishment and supervision of procedures, platforms and transaction processes for all the on-site, remote and electronic sales activities connected with the event project, such as ticketing operations, concessions and other retail endeavors, to achieve profit expectations.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Business Plan Objectives

Determine income and sales requirements

Establish appropriate pricing structures

Employ inventory and yield management tactics

Use incentives to encourage desired outcomes

Direct Sales Activities

Prepare appropriate offers for potential customers

Qualify leads, conduct sales calls, and participate in events

Manage registration and ticket sales operations

Determine and direct food and merchandise concessions

Sales Tools and Tactics

Define and utilize all selling opportunity points

Understand and employ lead retrieval systems

Conduct consultative and upselling practices

 Identify and employ inducements to influence sales

Sales Platforms

Determine and coordinate on-site sales activities

Identify and employ e-commerce technology as appropriate

Establish parameters for authorized external sales outlets

Control unauthorized on-site or remote sales activities

Transaction Procedures

Identify and obtain necessary processing equipment

Implement appropriate cash handling procedures

Determine and integrate discount, coupon, and refund procedures

Establish and ensure high customer service levels



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