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Promotions Management

27 November 2013

The procurement, orchestration and organization of advertising campaigns, promotional events, cross promotion alliances and contest or giveaway activities conducted to generate attention, interest, and demand for the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements


Evaluate available media outlets and techniques

Identify suitable media outlets

Negotiate and execute media buys

Verify delivery and evaluate performance

Promotional Events

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of promotional events

Determine objectives and restrictions

Determine timeline, resources, and responsibilities

Maximize media coverage of promotional events

Cross-Promotion Activities

Seek promotional partnership opportunities

Define objectives and specifications for media tie-ins

Negotiate clear definition of reciprocal logo and brand usage

Identify and accommodate multi-tiered promotions

Sales Promotions

Identify and evaluate events and activities

Determine strategies for producing purchase urgency

Conduct suitable giveaway activities

Coordinate appropriate displays and collateral materials


Confirm appropriateness and legalities of conducting contests

Establish rules, regulations, and selection criteria

Define prize system and presentation logistics

Specify entry procedures and arrange for entry materials



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