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Public Relations Management

27 November 2013

The formulation and execution of tactics capable of garnering publicity coverage for an event project through the cultivation and conservation of beneficial relationships with the media, as well as preparing for the enhancement and control of the impressions, image and issues surrounding the event project and enterprise, particularly in times of crisis or controversy.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Strategy Development

Identify the scope and nature of the various publics

Define the needs and objectives for activities

Develop well-articulated and credible messages

Identify suitable media and methods for applicable publics

Publicity Plan

Determine publicity coverage objectives

Identify suitable media and communication outlets

Develop a media contact list

Prepare content and collateral for publicity materials

Media Relations

Prepare timely and newsworthy media releases and requests

Respect and accommodate media needs and restrictions

Provide the media with appropriate access and facilities

Provide accurate and credible information

Image and Issues Management

Develop suitable public affairs programs

Identify methods for interaction various publics

Develop influential education and information activities

Crisis Management

Ensure prompt internal identification incidents

Coordinate communications protocols

Designate and train media spokespersons

Communicate appropriate information quickly



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