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Marketing Plan Management

27 November 2013

The development and supervision of the overall marketing strategy and tactics to be employed, including target customer definition, acquisition and retention; the internal and external messages and media; and the maintenance of positive customer or guest relations to achieve the marketing aspirations for the event project and its hosting organization.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Situation Analysis

Understand the scope and purpose of marketing

Conduct an appraisal of the event product or service

Determine marketing objectives and measurements

Conduct environmental, competitive, and opportunity analyses

Target Market Definition

Define the scope of the internal and external markets

Analyze the characteristics of market segments

Define target market needs, wants, and expectations

Determine effective customer relations strategies and tactics

Messages and Branding

Define unique value proposition

Determine communication needs for each target market

Create brand identity using verbal and visual imagery

Ensure consistency in positioning, message, and branding

Marketing Media

Identify the various media available

Understand relative strengths and weaknesses of media

Select media according to target market needs

Select media according to the marketing life cycle

Strategy Integration

Select marketing activities to match market characteristics

Develop a marketing mix built upon strengths and objectives

Develop a schedule of marketing activities

Integrate all marketing activities for consistency and timeliness



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