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Merchandise Management

27 November 2013

The oversight of product development, manufacture and distribution of retail merchandise associated with the event project to protect brand integrity and achieve profit objectives.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Product Development

Conduct research to identify customer needs and interest

Evaluate modification or discontinuation of existing products

Determine merchandising liabilities and legalities

Define product design and production specifications

Product Pricing

Calculate direct and indirect costs

Determine profit requirements

Conduct research to identify pricing for similar merchandise

Determine market life cycle and inventory liquidation strategies

Brand Management

Integrate internal and external branding requirements

Determine suitability of licensing and concession agreements

Establish commemorative or legacy product specifications

Control counterfeiting and ambush marketing activities


Source suitable vendors to manufacture products

Determine inventory and import/export requirements

Negotiate purchase agreements

Oversee quality control

Product Distribution

Determine physical and electronic sales outlets

Negotiate distributor agreements

Establish appropriate inventory management systems

Coordinate suitable point of purchase displays



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