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Materials Management

27 November 2013

The design, acquisition or production, and delivery of printed materials and other collateral materials that will be utilized to support the marketing and operational activities necessary for the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Purpose and Objectives

Determine promotional objectives and requirements

Establish operational objectives and requirements

Specify communications objectives and requirements

Define scope of printed and imprinted materials and collateral

Content Development

Acquire content from internal and external stakeholders

Incorporate and control internal and external brand usage

Use appropriate language, style, organization, and format

Prepare content and layout for printing and production

Media Selection

Analyze media available for various requirements

Match media to marketing motives, tactics, and targets

Select most suitable media for each type of material


Define printing and imprinting specifications

Source and select suitable service providers

Determine quantities and scheduling of materials

Oversee quality control and accuracy of items


Determine delivery methods

Develop distribution schedule

Organize and assemble materials for distribution

Define and comply with archival procedures



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