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Certified Special Events Professional

Event Management Authority

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Production Management

27 November 2013

The incorporation, sourcing and selection of the appropriate sound, lighting, visual projection, multimedia, special effect and other theatrical elements and services to meet the communication objectives and create the desired impressions and ambiance of the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Audiovisual Services

Recognize equipment types and terminology

Determine equipment requirements

Select equipment, services, providers, and producers

Ensure sufficient power sources and access


Understand lighting technology options and features

Ensure appropriate lighting provided

Identify decorative lighting to enhance the event

Determine fixtures and equipment requirements


Understand sound technology capabilities

Provide appropriate sound amplification systems

Determine soundscaping needs

Select microphone types and loudspeakers

Visual Projection

Understand projection technology capabilities

Determine projection and visual support needs

Determine equipment size, type, quantity, and positioning

Incorporate multimedia technology as appropriate

Special Effects

Identify goals and objectives for special effects

Evaluate and select effects, techniques, and technology

Incorporate equipment and safety requirements

Secure qualified providers



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