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Food & Beverage Management

27 November 2013

The determination of suitable catering operations and the selection of the menus, quantities and service styles to meet the food and beverage needs of the event, including the specific requirements associated with the serving of alcohol.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Catering Operations

Understand the variety of catering operation types

Identify the capabilities and constraints of caterers

Select the appropriate catering operation

Oversee contracting and communications

Food Service Requirements

Conduct a needs assessment

Determine requirements for meal services

Identify refreshment and beverage service needs

 Perform quantity calculations

Menu Selection

Identify and incorporate nutritional requirements

Identify and accommodate dietary restrictions

Specify and integrate cost considerations

Conduct menu planning

Service Planning

Determine appropriate room setups

Specify serving styles and timing

Identify and integrate site implications

Incorporate staffing and equipment considerations

Alcohol Management

Identify and comply with alcohol policies and laws

Determine liabilities and insurance requirements

Incorporate responsible consumption programs



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