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Entertainment Management

27 November 2013

The sourcing, selection and control of suitable entertainment, ancillary programs and recreational activities for the event project and coordinating the support requirements for the entertainers and activities in a manner that delivers the desired entertainment experience and that benefits the audience and organization.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Entertainment Selection

Determine purpose and objectives

Identify types and suitable options

Select type and style of entertainment

Establish schedule and location of activities and attractions


Identify sources for entertainment and attractions

Specify expectations of entertainers and personnel

Determine and integrate production requirements

Arrange for compliance with music licensing and other rights 

Performance Delivery

Coordinate technical and performer rehearsal requirements

Ensure fulfillment of contract rider requirements

Arrange all logistical requirements and accommodations

Monitor and evaluate performance

Ancillary Programs

Determine need and audience for ancillary programs

Arrange programs to entertain accompanying persons

Arrange children’s programs and services as appropriate

Select appropriate and qualified providers

Recreational Activities

Specify need for recreational opportunities

Procure and schedule recreational activities and services

Coordinate tournaments and sports activities as appropriate

Attend to liability issues and insurance requirements



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