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Systems Management

27 November 2013

The implementation and coordination of the various accountability, database, knowledge management and knowledge transfer systems using suitable technology applications and equipment to integrate the needs of the event project and enterprise.


Major Functions

Performance Elements

Systems Thinking

Understand the nature of physical and conceptual systems

Identify system types, scope, and complexity

Recognize linkages, interactions, and processes of systems

Recognize the impact of actions on systems

Information Technology

Determine and integrate appropriate IT systems

Oversee IT system operations, maintenance, and upgrading

Develop and maintain IT system security and integrity

Project Management

Utilize systems to organize tasks, schedules, and resources

Develop standardized and effective decision making systems

Develop and implement a Quality Management System

Communication Systems

Identify information sharing means, methods and processes

Adhere to accountability and governance systems

Define and utilize collaborative tools, techniques, and technology

Business Technology

Determine appropriate technology to automate repetitive tasks

Identify technology to facilitate efficiency of procedures

Utilize appropriate technology for controlling resources

Understand the intent and procedures for use of technology



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