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Integration Management

25 October 2003

Includes the processes, procedures, and controls to ensure event project details and tasks are integrated throughout the scope of the event processes, tasks, and decisions. This may often be accomplished through the creation of a relational database.

Each component of an event and each aspect of the management of an event will likely have an impact on and be influenced by every other one. 

See also: Influence Diagram and Speaker Integration Example

The benefits include the ability to negotiate discounts (multi-group hotel rates, booking headliner entertainment touring in proximity, etc.), share resources (theme décor, AV, etc.), and piggyback or gang items (printing, menus, etc.).

As many event managers and event management companies handle numerous events simultaneously and sequentially, this also includes the integration of the event within the performing organization, including all the other processes and jobs occurring throughout the life of the event project.


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