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Stakeholder Management

27 November 2013

The engagement of and interactions with the varied stakeholder constituencies of the event, including clients, officials, authorities, sponsors, participants and providers, to develop a mutual vision of and commitment to the requirements and desired outcomes for the event project.


Major Functions

Performance Elements


Identify internal and external stakeholders and constituencies

Define stakeholder issues and priorities

Determine the opportunities and challenges

Develop strategic economic and political alliances


Determine potential impacts of and on stakeholders

Assess the validity, power and urgency of each stakeholder

Measure the stakeholder’s influence

Determine roles, desired support, and the resulting obligations


Categorize stakeholders and stakeholder groups

Identify key stakeholders and critical stakeholder groups

Prioritize stakeholders' power, influence, and interest

Identify linkages between stakeholder groups

Relationship Management

Recognize and integrate the varied stakeholder interests and goals

Acknowledge and monitor stakeholder concerns and capabilities

Engage and actively involve stakeholders

Listen to and build rapport with stakeholders and constituencies



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