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24 April 2007


Gloria Nelson, CSEP, of Gloria Nelson Event Design, LLC in Winneconne, WI, offers this insightful perspective on leadership:

Leadership is really about “serving” those on your team.  I have learned over many decades of being in business that the person who wields the most power actually makes the fewest terminal decisions; rather he or she empowers others to be the best they can be and guides the visioning process, bringing it to fruition.  I also treat those who are perceived to be the “lowest” on the meeting/event food chain with equal respect and comportment as strong strategic partners. I can tell you that I’ve watched many “snap your finger and point types” in this industry over the years and have seen how the worm turns when that planner gets into a bind.  If you build up each member on your team to be the best they can be, esteem them for a job well done, you will build consensus and great momentum in achieving your goals and objectives each time, despite the challenges that WILL arise.


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