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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Event Management Body of Knowledge.

No, it is a work in progress. As the event industry grows around the world the model that describes this management will develop.

EMBOK is open to your suggestions. Our aim is to improve the event management profession by providing an accurate description of what event managers do. If this is your aim, your help in this will be greatly appreciated. However you must understand that any contribution will be become part of the public sphere and therefore you will not able to claim ownership.

Please send us an email. The EMBOK committee currently is volunteer so you may not receive an acknowledgement immediately. We will endeavor to reply and let you know how you can help.
<p>Also, you can freely contribute to the discussions. Once again we stress that the EMBOK is for the good of the industry. The information in the discussions may be used to improve the model and this has no individual ownership.

It is in the public sphere. We would like it to be acknowledged as EMBOK. Further down the track we expect this to be a sign of the competency and quality of the product.

We are a group of experienced event  managers and academics who teach and train event practitioners.  You can find the list of the founding members on the About Us page.

The original members got together courtesy of Janet Landey and her company (Party Design/Institute of Event Management) in South Africa. Although we are members of various event associations and societies, we felt that the model should be applicable to all Associations.  Our aim was to produce a high quality model that had no allegiance to any one association, university or country.

Yes, the EMBOK is generic it can apply to any event. It is a matter of emphasis and priority. However if you feel your event has been left out  - please contact us.

At this stage in its development EMBOK is purely descriptive. We hope that it will be used by Governments, Universities, Companies  and other organizations to  as a framework  and guide to measure event supplier competency, relevant course content and possible legislation.

It does look complex at first. As any event manager will tell you , events are complex. So one would expect the model for events to be slightly involved. However if you spend a little time considering what is done to plan and produce an event, you may find that the model is pretty accurate. Also you need to consider EMBOK must encompass events ranging from your wedding to the Olympics.

Please go to the History of EMBOK link to find out how and when it all started.

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